Skype date

Hey it’s me!

I have skyped with my host family at the weekend. My host mum has asked me last week if I am available at Saturday but I had to work then so we had to agree on Sunday. There were not very happy about it but so it was. We skyped relatively late, it was 7:30pm here. In Boston was great weather. The host parents and even all the boys showed me the house. I talked to the current AuPair too. The house is huge although it is very dark and bleak. Maybe it just seemed so because of the video or maybe because they just moved in. Nevertheless I am now even more excited and it starts to get more and more real. 

The host mum told me once again I can ask them and their current AuPair everything. She even thanked me again for the parcel and told me they will buy me a train ticket from NYC to Boston. At the end she asked me if I already got an Email because of the AAA driving class. We did not talk much except for that and the boys were very very cute.

Thanks to Facebook I have found three girls who fly from Frankfurt to NYC. Unfortunately one day later than me because I have to take part in the driving course. But now one of them introduce us to a girl who flies on the same day as I just not from Frankfurt but from Munich. Regardless, everyday it gets more real and my mum more depressed.


Availability time


I just changed my availability time from July – beginning of September to July – end of November so hopefully more families are interested. The change has to be approved by AuPair in America now. I really hope that I will find my host family soon.

Originally the last departure date I wanted was September 5 because I want to study afterwards and the semester begins in October. If I leave in September i stay 12 months with my host family and i have one travel month so I would be back at the start of October the following year. Now I changed my plans slightly. I want to start studying in the summer semester now. This is because I have still no idea what I want to study so if I start in summer I can change  the start of the winter semester if I do not like the subject I chose at first. In the meanwhile, between my return and the start of the summer semester I am going to search a job so I am not sitting at home dying of boredom.

Which organisation?

The first time I got in touch with an Au Pair organisation was almost 3 years ago when there was an information event during one of my English classes. There was a representative of Cultural Care Au Pair. I have not thought about becoming an Au Pair before but what she told us sounded awesome so I researched a bit and told my parents about it. My mum really liked the idea. I was sure that I would go with CC.

I put it on the shelf until last summer break because there was only one year to go until I would be finish with school. There are 12 organisations who get supported by the US government. Cultural Care, AIFS and Ayusa Intrax were my favorites so I read a lot of reviews about it and compared their offers. In the end I chose Ayusa Intrax because it was cheaper than CC and AIFS and had much more positive reviews than CC.

So I went to an information event in Frankfurt. The woman told me a lot of things I already knew but there was something new for me, I could only use the childcare experience I gained two years ago. That was a problem (see Childcare references ) That made me think about switching the organisation. Eventually I chose AIFS because this was the only organisation were the childcare experiences of the last three years were valid.


Childcare references

My childcare references were let’s say problematic.

I cared a lot for my younger sister and my younger cousin but one can only use a limited amount of these hours for one’s references.

I did an internship in a kindergarten in January 2014 so my goal was to have my application finished by January 2017 (with AIFS).
To have enough childcare hours I did an second internship in a different kindergarten in fall break 2016 (November). Originally my first internship was the pure horror but I really enjoyed this one and was very sad when I had to go to school again. My duties were to do arts and crafts, going to the bathroom, preparing their meal and eating with them, playing outside, singing, reading, looking for the children during their afternoon nap and playing board games. The children were so cute it broke my heart to leave them.

I had enough hours after this with my two internships and the childcare hours gained in my family. Because of school I hadn’t much time to babysit lately.

I hurried with my application because I had barely two months then my first internship would not be valid anymore and my dream to be an Au Pair would be destroyed. When I had almost everything I needed it was December. The only things which were still missing were my childcare references for my internships. The kindergarten, in which I did my first internship, took so much time with it so I phoned them and arranged a meeting but she said she has to speak with the childcare worker who was responsible fo me during my internship.
The head of the kindergarten I did my second internship, got sick so nobody filled out my reference. After 2 weeks I phoned again but she was still sick. I got nervous, my time was running out. So I phoned almost everyday until the childcare worker who looked after me during theĀ  weeks I worked there filled it out. Finally!
Now there was only the problem with the first kindergarten. It was the day before christmas break. The kindergarten would open again in January. Too late for me so I went there but the head told me she has no time to fill it out if she could do it in January. I answered if she could not do it now it would be too late. She did not do it then. I was desperate. Thank god, I have an awesome aunt. She went there right after christmas break and brought it back with her, filled out. Beforehand, I had phoned with my supervisior. She said it would be okay if I have it mid-January. I made it, I had everything by then.

Think again. My childcare reference of my internship from 2014 was not valid anymore so I had a big problem. I was beyond all hope. My aunt supports my year abroad so she got me a job as babysitter for one of her friends. I started in January and I still babysit there. At the end of April I finally had enough childcare hours.