Guys, I have matched! It is so exciting! 

I have skyped with both host parents yesterday (I have skyped only with the host mum and their current AuPair before) and I really like the host dad too. He asked me some questions even some the Host mum has already asked but that was okay. We laughed a lot and after almost an hour they asked me if I am still interested. Of course! So they wanted me to meet the boys and asked me if they could meet my parents. Preferably already the next day. My mum has to work this weekend and I told them it could be very difficult to pick a date that works for all. My mum was very nice and changed her shift so we could easily agree to a date today. My parents were really nervous because they were worried they do not understand them and think their English is bad. 

First I was able to talk to the three boys. It was very embarrassing because I barely understand a word they said but the st parents repeated everything and when I asked them for their plans for summer they would not stop talking. They are so adorable! 

After that, when the boys were gone my parents rather listened than talked to the host parents but they were strived to engaged my parents into a conversation (what failed miserably). Nevertheless they told us that they really enjoyed talking with (mh, rather to) and now the surprise if I want to be their AuPair! I never thought they would ask today! I was very surprised but answer very fast and clear: Of course! They were really happy, I was really happy, my dad was really happy, just my mum was sad because I will leave for one year!!! 


9. Suggestion


The family lives in Connecticut.

There are two girls (10,13)

Both parents work full time.

Education is essential for the family, the kids go to school from Monday to Saturday. Moreover they expect me to teach them German and more about the German culture. Moreover, they like to make trips and be active. They have a dog.

It’s the first family who writes about the AuPair room (which is not very important for me, I have never asked about it) and the rules, which still have to be set.

They had already a few AuPairs before me but it is important for them that they are from Germany. I would start in September.

They write they want the AuPair to be a member of the family but for me it sounds like a boss-worker relationship.

I will skype with them tomorrow. (Scratch that, I have matched!!!)

–> No match

8. Suggestion


The family lives in Boston, Massachusetts

Three boys (6, 8, 10)

Both parents work full time and travel from time to time.

The family is sportive, all boys play soccer and swim. Moreover they are religious but I really like this because we are religious as well.

I would start in Mid-October and be their third AuPair. Although I do not like the arrival date very much, the family is so great that it does not matter.

I really like the family especially after I have skyped with the host mum last week. She said the AuPair would be a family member and is free to join them on trips. I could use the car if I can drive it well and she is incredibly nice. I cannot wait to skype a second time, this time with the host dad too. Furthermore I will skype with their current AuPair this week! I am so looking forward to it!!! I hope it will work this time!


I have skyped with the CA. She is very nice and assured me that the family is really caring and treats you like a family member. She is even in her second year with the family. She said the boys are very cute and except for the littlest one, who tests the limits, they listen to hear. She said she always has a lot of fun and they always offer her to join her on trips. I really think that sounds amazing and just like the family I have looked for so I am really looking forward to the second Skype date with the host parents!


The Skype call with both parents was great. I really enjoyed talking with them. The host dad is as nice as the host mum! They want to skype again so I get to know the boys and they can talk with my parents.


The boys are so cute and full of energy! The talk was good although my parents said almost nothing. Eventually they asked me to be their AuPair!


(7 suggestion)

Wednesday two weeks ago was my graduation ceremony. My teacher, who filled out my character reference asked if I could write her once I am in the US. I told her it probably won’t happen and she was shocked. One of my class mates heard it and said she knows someone who knows a host family, who is still searching an AuPair and if she should give me her number. Of course! But she wasn’t sure if the family is still searching because her friend asked her a month ago if she knows someone who want to be an AuPair. She wrote me her number the same day and funnily her name was Rebekka, too. 

I wrote her and she wanted to know more about me like my childcare experience, general information (hobbies, plans for future, school, age, etc.) She wrote me a bit about the family:


Lives in a suburb of Philadelphia

One Boy (9) and one girl (7)

Both parents work full time.

I would be their third AuPair. 

They treat their AuPairs like a family member and I could use one of the two cars the whole time. I would Start as soon as possible. 

My duties except from childcare would be grocery shopping, laundry and a bit of cleaning the children’s room and I would have to work half of Saturday.

My room would be in the basement and I would have an own entry and bathroom. 

The biggest flaw is that I would have to change the organisation (from AIFS to Cultural Care AuPair). I do not want to do it because I would have to do everything all over because they have different forms and my medical form is too old and have a new interview. In addition to this I do not even know the family. I make all the work now and then the family and I do not get along and all the work was senseless. Moreover, I compared all the organisations and CC was the most expensive and the one with the worst rating. So after I thought about it two days I declined the offer.

–> No match

Skype Interview


my skype interview went worse than I imagined. First, she asked if I have any questions but I thought she should talk at first so she told me a bit about her family and their everyday life. Then I was able to ask some questions (I did not ask about any house rules or if the AuPair would be like a family member, I just asked about the kids). Then she asked some questions like to which countries I have already traveled, how I think it will feel like to be away for one hour, how I imagine driving in the US, what my driving experiences are, if I have been in a sports club, if I work or just help at home, how a typical day looks like when I babysit, if my parents where at home when I was little, if I passed my A-Levels, what I want to do after my year abroad, if I am in contact with other host families, etc. It was not as bad as the police interrogation three weeks ago but somehow I did not feel comfortable with her (unfortunately). I think she neither. It was very weird sometimes when no one knew what to say and this time we could not blame the language barrier for it! Although she suggested skyping with the rest of the family I think they won’t choose me. (I did not ask her, she told it to me at the end but there are three other possible AuPairs). There goes probably my last chance of becoming an AuPair in the US but obviously I am not alone with it. I do not want to wait the whole time by doing nothing. I will study then, I do not know what and I have barely one month left to apply…

I pray that I get the ONE family suggestion I am waiting for the whole time soon.


I am soo nervous because of my Skype interview with the host mum from Boston. Funnily, I thought it would be contrary because we can talk in German and I can articulate myself better. But that is probably my last chance and I cannot screw it up! SHE HAS TO LIKE ME, NO BETTER LOVE ME! It is not only my decision but theirs as well, they have to pick me too. However, I do not know how much Au Pairs do not have a host family and if I have a lot of concurrence or if I am the only Au Pair they consider to choose… OMG, I really want her to like me. I have to ask they right questions. I am thinking about it the whole weekend already. 

Just two hours left! I tell you how it went.

P.S. My friend who applied 2 months later than I has a host family already (in Detroit). 

6. Suggestion


Finally a new suggestion, I did not believe it would happen anymore.

The family comes from Boston, Massachusetts.

There are three girls (12, 8 and 6) 

The host dad works full time and has to travel a lot while the host mum stays at home and manages the household. I wouldbe her helping hand. I do not like that the host mum is there the whole time, I will probably do more house work than childcare. 

The family is very sportive, the girls play football and they like being outside to ski, hike or camp. 

I would be their third Au Pair and would Start in Mid-August. 

What I do not like is a) that the mother is at home and does not work so she has probably a lot of time for the kids and I am worried that I either have to do almost nothing or almost everything, b) the family originally come from Switzerland and speaks German so there won’t be any communication problems but I want to get to know the AMERICAN lifestyle and culture not the Swiss one, c) I am uncertain if a 12 years-old is a bit too old for me. 

Nevertheless I will skype with the host mum on monday (at least it will be totally relaxed because we can talk in German) and I am more willed than ever to ignore their flaws because it is probably my last chance to become an AuPair in the US! 

–> No match